High Power Silica Fiber Cables

Laser cables from FlexiRay® product line are the best for laser power delivery with high brightness and beam quality. High Power connectors of special design stay cool even when a mode-stripping effect is provided.

Robust design of FlexiRay® laser cables secures the long-term industrial & medical applications. Bundles of unique metal coated fibers combine power from many lasers – to reach output in multi kW range in any shape.

● Special laser fiber structures

● Cool high power connectors HP-SMA and D80

● Flexible and robust for high power & bright laser beams

● Laser welding of metals & plastics

● Laser cutting & drilling

● Rapid surface processing

● Medical laser power delivery

● Laser target & rangefinder

● Laser spectroscopy

Spectral ranges0.18–1.2μm (UV-VIS) or 0.35–2.4μm (Vis-NIR)
Pure Silica Fiber core diameter100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 µm
Numerical aperture0.22 ± 0.02 (full acceptance angle 25°)

0.12 ± 0.02 (full acceptance angle 14°)

Protective fiber jacketNylon, Tefzel, Acrylate, Al, Cu
Cable protective tubePVC coated stainless steel monocoil, bend protected

Silicon coated stainless steel bend protection

Connector typeHP-SMA (High Power SMA); D-80
Temperature range-40°C to +600°C (Cu coated)
Cable length1.5 & 3 m ( optional: from 5 cm to 50 m)
MCS-Fibers in bundle3, 7, 19, 37, 64

* customized dimensions available on request

IR-image of FlexiRay® Fiber Cable with special silica fiber structure and HP connector design – without mode stripper and radiator

● Fiber core – 200 μm; NA=0.22

● Connector – HP-SMA (High Power SMA)

● High transmission of a 1.5 m long fiber cable provides a 53 W output of Diode Laser ( λ = 1470 nm)

● The temperature of connectors is measured with a thermopile after 15 min of power transmission: for the input end – 43°C (109,4°F), for the output end – 36.6°C (96,8°F)

● Insert: visualized profile of output beam for 53 W


IR-image of a common Fiber Cable assembled with a mode stripper & radiator at the output end

● Fiber core – 200 μm; NA=0.22

● Connector – HP-SMA with a mode stripper and radiator

● The mode stripper absorbs cladding modes but cuts off transmission of the 1.5 m cable to 33 W output for Diode Laser at 1.47 μm – providing the same beam profile

● The temperature of connectors measured with a thermopile after 3 min for 33 W of power output: input end – 44°C (111,2°F), output end – 78°C (172,4°F)

● Insert: visualized profile of the output beam for 33 W