Spectroscopy instrumentation – Fiber Optic Probes

Optromix offers FlexiSpec® product line – a cluster of innovative fiber optic probes that are designed for broad spectral range in-line analysis – from UV to Mid-IR. There are few probes designed for various applications and conditions. The following probes are available:

  • FTIR ATR Probes
  • Reflection Fiber Probes
  • Fluorescent Fiber Probes
  • Transmission Fiber Probes
  • Raman Fiber Probes
  • Transmission and TransFlex Probes

For automated online industry process diagnostic, there is a probe with self-cleaning capability.

ATR Probes for the use in any type of FT-NIR, FT-IR, photometers, and IR-LED or QCL spectral sensors

Reflection Probes for Diffuse and Specular Reflectance, Backscatter, or Fluorescence of solid, liquid, and powder samples.

Fluorescence Fiber Optic Probes for fluorescence spectroscopy of solid, liquid, and powder samples.

Transmission infrared fiber optic probes for gases for the use with any spectrometer or photometer

Fiber optic Raman probe for multiwave excitation in the range 690-785 nm

Cleanable fiber probes with process interfaces for reaction monitoring with no artifacts caused by optics contamination

Single and Dual Pass fiber optic probes are cleanable, which enables reaction monitoring in a lab, pilot plant and fully automated process control.

There are two available categories of Optromix FlexiSpec® products:


The standard products include preconfigured probes and probe couplers, which can be implemented in the laboratory, pilot plants or in production.


Customized products allow users to choose custom configurations of fiber probers and couplers based on their unique process requirements. You can find additional information regarding spectroscopy fiber products on our website.

FlexiSpec® family of Immersion Fiber Probes consists of ATR, Transmission, Transflection, Fluorescence, and Diffuse Reflection probes, all of which are compatible with any FT-MIR, FT-NIR or dispersion spectrometer process-photometer, IR-LED or QCL spectral sensor to use in-line for PAT-applications.
Any FTIR-spectrometer can be coupled with FlexiSpec® Fiber Probe Couplers (FPC) with various fiber optic probes. FPC upgrade the spectrometers in order to eliminate sampling and run reaction monitoring in-line. Optromix fiber probe couplers provide high coupling efficiency for ATR-Absorption, Transmission or Reflection process-spectroscopy in a spectral range from UV to Mid-IR, which allows the fiber coupled FTIR spectrometer to not only be used with LN-cooled MCT-detectors, but with uncooled detectors as well.

FlexiSpec® probes advantages:
● The design of FlexiSpec® probes makes them cleanable in processes where probe optics can be contaminated by media;
● FlexiSpec® fiber probes are compatible with process-interfaces SensoGate-FOS and Ceramat-FOS with approved fittings to secure their semi or fully automated use in complete process control systems;
● The fiber probes can be retracted, cleaned and calibrated during a chemical process, which enables remote process-control in any liquid, gas or solid mixtures under harsh environmental conditions;
● Optromix fiber probes facilitate qualitative and quantitative product analysis, makes the determination of specific chemical and physical properties possible.