Fiber Optic ATR Probes for Lab Applications

IR fiber ATR probes with PEEK shaft are perfect for use in small lab reactors and open vessels. All ATR probes from FlexiSpec® product line are compatible with any type of FT-IR and other IR-spectrometers, photometers, and sensors.

  • Evanescent absorption spectra without dead zone problems
  • Optimal ATR crystal selection to match customer application
  • Cost-effective solution for in-line reaction monitoring
  • Reaction monitoring in real time
  • Remote polymerization control
  • Crystallization process screening
  • In-situ IR-spectroscopy for soft surfaces, pastes and liquids
Type of ATR elementZnSeGeSiZrO
Transmission range3.2 – 17µm
(3100-600 cm⁻1)
3.2 – 17µm
(3100-600 cm⁻1)
3.2 – 17µm
(3100-600 cm⁻1)
1.1– 6.5µm
(9000-650 cm⁻1)
Fiber typePIR-900/1000PIR-900/1000PIR-900/1000CIR-500/550
Temperature range-100°C/+140°C-100°C/+140°C-100°C/+140°C-100°C/+90°C
Pressure (max)7 Bar7 Bar7 Bar7 Bar
Total Length1,5 m (opt: 1 to 5m)
Shaft Length150 mm (opt.:100 to 500mm)
Shaft Diameter6.3 mm
Shaft MaterialPEEK (polyetheretherketone)
Length of Legs500 mm (opt.: 200 to 500mm)
Protective Tube MaterialPEEK
Minimum Bending Radius130 mm
Input / Output ConnectorsLong SMA (opt.: any other type)